Yellowstone Trip '99
July 14 - August 3, 1999
  • One New Engine....................$3200.00
  • Complete Brake Job...............$1500.00
  • Carburator Overhaul...............$300.00
  • New Rooftop Air Conditioner...$500.00
  • New Dual Batteries.................$150.00
  • New Upholstery and Curtains...$1000.00
  • Trip to Yellowstone with your Family..............Priceless

'77 Winnebago
Before the kids get old enough to not want to be with Mom and Dad for three weeks in a row.... we're embarking on a cross-country trip to Yellowstone in our restored (meaning we put way too much money into it) 1977 "Minnie Winnie" Winnebago, reminiscent of the trip I took with my parents at about the same age. Here's a picture of it 22 years ago when it was new...

From Durham to Yellowstone and back, 5600 miles, (See MAP) in 21 days, we're concentrating on four major areas of interest, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where we're joining Kim's sister, Elaine, on a Llama-packing overnight hiking trip in the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Teton/Yellowstone area of Wyoming, the Black Hills of South Dakota, and a visit with Grandpa Schwantes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Feel free to - email us - as we make our way across country. We're not going to be online every night, but often enough to keep y'all posted how things are going.

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Click on the date to see the write-ups of the trip..
Pre-Trip Durham, NC
Getting ready to go.....
Day One, Wednesday 7/14, 1999 Durham, NC to somewhere in Illinois
Staying on the Interstate in a rest area
Day Two, Thursday 7/15, 1999 Somewhere in Kentucky to Hays, Kansas
Staying on the Interstate in a rest area
Day Three, Friday 7/16, 1999 Hays, Kansas to Steamboat Springs, CO
Staying at Kim's Sisters House
Day Four, Saturday 7/17, 1999 Steamboat Springs, CO
Llama camping trip in the woods.
Day Five, Sunday 7/18, 1999 Steamboat Springs, CO
2nd day of camping with the Llamas
Day Six, Monday 7/19, 1999 Steamboat Springs, CO to Jackson Hole, WY
Local Campground
Day Seven, Tuesday 7/20, 1999 Jackson Hole, WY to Grand Teton Nat. Park
Flagg Ranch Campground
Day Eight, Wednesday 7/21, 1999 Grand Teton Nat. Park to Old Faithful, Yellowstone N.P.
Old Faithfull Inn
Day Nine, Thursday 7/22, 1999 Old Faithful, YNP to Madison, YNP
Madison Campground
Day Ten, Friday 7/23, 1999 Madison, YNP to Lake, YNP
Lake Hospital
Day Eleven, Saturday 7/24, 1999 Lake, YNP to Canyon, YNP
Canyon Campground
Day Twelve, Sunday 7/25, 1999 Canyon, YNP to Columbus, Montana
Campground on the Yellowstone River
Day Thirteen, Monday 7/26, 1999 Columbus, Montana to Sundance, Wyoming
via Custers National Monument and Devils Tower
Day Fourteen, Tuesday 7/27, 1999 Sundance, WY to Keystone, So. Dakota
Campground near Mount Rushmore
Day Fifteen, Wednesday 7/28, 1999 Keystone, SD to Hot Springs, SD
Campground near Hot Springs
Day Sixteen, Thursday 7/29, 1999 Hot Springs, SD to OKC, OK
Day Seventeen, Friday 7/30, 1999 Oklahoma City, OK
Staying at Dads
Day Eighteen, Saturday 7/31, 1999 Oklahoma City, OK
Staying at Dads
Day Nineteen, Sunday 8/1, 1999 OKC to Yuma, TN
Day Twenty, Monday 8/2, 1999 Yuma, TN to Durham, NC
Day Twenty-One, Tuesday 8/3, 1999 Home
Home Sweet Home.....