5 Nights, 1300 miles

DAYTONA BEACH FLORIDA!.....any east coast rider and many west of the Mississippi feel a need to be able to say they've been to Daytona Bike Week. Largest of all the rallies, with half a million bikes in many years, the year 2000 rally promises to be the granddaddy of them all. Main Street, the Iron Horse, the Cabbage Patch, Pub 44, and who doesn't have a Boot Hill Saloon T-shirt? I've been to Daytona for bike week only 4 times previous to this, but the '00 week is one I wouldn't miss!

Unlike past trips though, the ride to Daytona will not be all Interstate. My wife is coming with me this trip and we intend to get on the two-lane in Mid-North Carolina and back road it to Myrtle Beach, find a good motel for the bike week coming up in May and meander down the coast to Charleston, SC for the first night.

On day two we'll sneak around Jacksonville, FL and hit the coast road all the way down to St. Augustine Beach for our second night, and then two nights in Daytona Beach.

We're not going for the entire week this year, only staying for the first weekend. We leave Daytona by way of the central part of the state, through the Ocala Forest and up to Savannah, GA for our final night out, and then home.

Several stops along the way we hope to visit with some Internet buddies we've made over the past months - someone to show us the best biker bars in town!

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Schedule subject to change due to weather, road conditions and quantity of local bars along the way.

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DAY 01 > 3/1/00 Durham, NC Charleston, SC Myrtle Beach, SC
DAY 02 > 3/2/00 Charleston, SC St. Augustine Beach, FL Jacksonville, FL
DAY 03 > 3/3/00 St. Augustine Beach, FL Daytona, FL Coast Road
DAY 04 > 3/4/00 Daytona, FL Daytona, FL Bike Week Rally
DAY 05 > 3/5/00 Daytona, FL Savannah, GA Central Florida
DAY 06 > 3/6/00 Savannah, GA Durham, NC Interstate

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