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Durham, NC
Meadows of Dan, VA
Blue Ridge Parkway
Floyd, VA
Laurel Springs, NC
Blowing Rock, NC
Wilkesboro, NC

2 Nights, 400 miles

Whether you call it Bluegrass, Hootenanny, Hoe-down or Appalacian Music, it's all the same. Good ol' Boys sitting on upturned nail kegs in bib overalls playin' a fiddle or banjo or Jews Harp or the Washboard - they're all here to "set a spell" and have a little fun.

Our first night out, we stay in the Blowing Rock/Boone area on the Blue Ridge. Visiting Linville Falls, Linville Caverns and Grandfather Mountain.

Every Friday Night up in Floyd, Virginia, these quiet-spoken mountain folk come out to gather on the street corners and strike up a Jam. For you musically impaired, that means they just play whatever feels good - no sheet music and no particular tune, although over the generations there's some definate "songs" that have come out of this impromptu music, so much so that they've improved some of them to be rather recognizable to even us city-boys.

I'll be taking my 12-yr old daughter with me on this trip - sort of a Father-Daughter trip that I've been promising for a while. We'll be stopping off through the woods to visit Grandma on the way home. I think you'll enjoy this one, even if you don't know what a Bib-Overall is!

muh' thuh
adj. 1. Bigger than in
"He's a big muthuh"
n. 2. Road Captain for the Barbarian's Riding Club ... as in
"He's a real big muthuh"