Journal - 02/02/00
It's a GIRL!

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Roads are still too icy to ride the bike so I dig out the trailer and bring back the loaner bike (a Red '99 Ultra, so I can see if I like that model - the bike was great....but - RED?) to the Harley-Davidson dealer in Raleigh, Ray Price H-D/Buell.

I asked the dealership to put on a few more pieces of chrome and a driver back rest on my new one, load it up and head on home. These pictures show it first getting back home. A girl I say? Well, sure - you didn't think I would wrap my legs around and straddle anything that wasn't female do ya?

It's a 1999 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic, FLHTCUI. All those letters mean its an FLHT model...which is the Electra-Glide series, Touring Classic... which adds the touring package, Ultra...which adds the lower leg fairings, CB, Radio package and intercom system, and is Fuel Injected. No more messin with chokes or twisting the throttle to start it up. You just turn it on, wait for the computer to do its diagnostics and hit the button...fires up first time every time.

Not quite your classic Harley, drippin oil and cranky as hell to kick-start, but one that will haul my butt around the country without worrying about nuthun'.

First thing I do is add some chrome visors to the headlight, running lights and signals, put the windshield pouches back on which holds the really important stuff - cigars, lighter, knife, and a couple truck lug nuts in case anybody gives me any crap at 80 mph...especially tailgaters...ya simply toss one or two up over your head, and when they come down on their windshield, it gets their attention real good.

By afternoon the icy patches on the roads were slushy enough to take her out for a trial run. Getting out of the neighborhood was tricky, but the main roads were great. There's enough power in these new engines to get me moving pretty quickly. Still only about 38 degrees out so I only ride into town and back realizing I didn't quite get dressed for a ride in this weather.

Parked her in the garage and rubbed on it for a bit... weather calls for a warming trend - up to 45 tomorrow, so get some rest sweatheart, cuz we gonna RIDE tomorrow!


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