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Ever have one of those mornings where you can't seem to focus your eyes well, and everything's a blur? Well, of COURSE you have! Hell, we've all had those mornings after a few too many tequillas, but this morning was different. Seemed a bit soft around the edges... out of focus and disoriented. Thats cool... been through this before and likely will again.

Crawled out of bed and smelled a fresh pot of coffee in the kitchen...no - wait - it was in a cup on the side table in the bedroom. My wife made me coffee on one of her few days off before I got up? Nice... likely she was sitting in the kitchen with a cup of her own reading the paper. I fumbled around with the bathrobe trying to get the sleeves right side in and tied it around my waist, held onto the handrail really tight this morning and gracefully (hehehe) crawled down the stairs and into the kitchen.

HUH? Kim is at the stove with sausages and eggs and toast and more coffee in another cup - the paper is unread but splayed out in a pile for me to read.... whaddahell?

I mosey over to say thanks and notice she is in a gold silky skimpy kinda thing, body parts barely covered and.....lipstick? huh??? This is getting troublesome. My first thought is to go to the window and look out in the driveway to look for visible damage to her car... none I could see...

Coming back into the kitchen, breakfast is on the table, chaps and leather jacket is laid out for me...hmmmmmmm - methinks she is in a hurry for me to head off on my trip this morning, whaddyathink?

Just as I finish off my last bite of sausage slathered in runny egg yolk, shoveled onto my fork with my last piece of toast, she slithers up to me, pulls the chair out from the table and pulls her leg over my legs, sits in my lap and begins to lift the bottom of the gold nightie over her......WHATS THAT?... a TATTOO? When da hell did she get a tat THERE? I look up at her face and...WHOA! That ain't Kim - and whats that noise coming from the stove...a timer? Whats in the oven, huh?

The timer is getting to be a bit of a nuisance, so I reach over to my bedside table and shut it off.... hmmmm.... lemme rerun that...my bedside table? Alarm? ALARM CLOCK? OH CRAP!... just when the dream gets good, I get woke up by the friggin alarm clock.... just my luck. Wiping the gunk from the corners of my eyes was a bit easier this time, focus regained immediately - no coffee, Kims in bed, no Gold nightie..... awwww man - No Breakfast? sheeeesh.

Gotta get up early for my ride today - I remember now... still dark out so I can finish packing and load up the bike for an early start, when I notice something different about this morning..... steady drumbeat in the downspout conveniently placed on the other side of the wall from our bed signalled bad news. I peer out the dark window and see the sheen of slick pavement in the driveway and flick my BIC to read the thermometer outside the window. 37 degrees and raining...... looks like my rescheduled Winter camping trip is gonna bite the dust again.

I try like hell to get Kim to put on a nightie - a gold one - and make breakfast. Hell, she wouldn't even go get the paper. Instead of my solo camping weekend, I knew this was gonna be a bad weekend... ya see, I remember hearing her say if I didn't go, she wanted me to help her make some Lasagne's for freezing and for a neighbor who'd husband died recently.... crap - camping in the woods on a Harley or cooking?....sheeeeesh.

I always say, if you gonna do something - do it in a big way, so I drop over to the 24hr Food Lion, triple up on the ingredients and commence to making her sorry she ever asked for help cooking. I got started before she even got up just to get it out of the way. Ya see, I love a good Lasagne myself, and was damned if I was going to let 'em all go to the neighbors. I pull the 40qt deep fryer, usually reserved for the fried Turkeys, and cook up a couple gallons of sauce and 8 lbs of ground beef, throw in some leftovers and mushrooms and corn and tomatoes...boil it up and toss it all in a big holding bucket, while I cook up the noodles....lots of noodles. Set out 1/2 gallon of Ricotta Cheese, 5lbs of Mozzerella and a pound of Parmesean Cheese. You can see the progress in the pics below - now...I don't usually take pics of myself cooking - can't blow the image ya know, but cooking up 7 lasagnes at one time is something I had to remember...besides, I was practicing up on my journal pictures, so live with it.

So, anyway - obviously I was bored and hated missing another planned trip, but ya gotta go with the changes... spent the afternoon polishing up Huckleberry for the Daytona trip next week. At least on that trip I go rain or shine....

See ya then.


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