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MUTHUH's RIDES - Southern West 'By God' Virginia - Almost Heaven Part 2

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Almost Heaven, West Virginia...if it was truly Heaven, I'd be in NORTHERN West Virginia...or so I'm told.

I'm returning to West Virginia on a photojournal tour of the backroads. I've been warned to make it fully understood that this is a southern tour only and NOT representative of WV. Seems the War between the North and the South rages on in some parts of the country still!

So, for a few days of the trip I'm riding with professional photographer and former Easyriders Feature Photographer, Hatchetman, in the bullshit southern barrenlands of WV. (Hey, I'm trying to keep from being pummelled to death by them northern WV boys) ... I'm also meeting Rick, a rider out of New York who contacted me a month or so ago about joining some of the trip, and is meeting us in VA for the trip. We're going to ride slow and easy, stopping often with an emphasis on a great ride, not miles.

Select which day's journal you want to read, or... just skip this trip entirely, and wait for a northern tour of WV - up to you!

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