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"Warriors" Poster Photoshoot

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NOTICE: This page is full of erotic pictures and half clothed women. Nothing more than the typical "R" rated movie though. Do not proceed if you are offended by such filthy, disgusting and degenerate lifestyles, or have a weak heart....or your significant other is likely to look over your shoulder while you're lost in fantasy. This is your FINAL warning! .... now........ ok, those of you remaining, lets have a little entertainment!

This photoshoot took place late last year in the studio's of a local photographer. This shoot involved two of our favorite models, both of which have been in his shoots that have gotten in National Magazine's in the past few years. Melissa Wolf is a well-know feature dancer throughout the country who's website is at and Dana Leigh is following in her footsteps as a feature dancer on the East Coast...her website is: (This is not an endorsement of either site nor an enticement for you to visit their sites and view all sorts of really nice half-naked pictures of them ...hehehe...Thats why I'm making you type the URL in's YOUR choice!)

The shoot started early one morning at his studio. I make the hour-long ride over on my bike from where I live to assist with the lighting. I don't know shit about lighting, but it's the excuse we give the ladies for why I am there.

I've settled in on the hair light duties, keeping the light shining behind their hair to give it that halo effect. Hey! It's tough work, too! The photographer is busy with his photo equipment, which leaves me having to keep the ladies comfortable, you know - diet sodas, chit-chat, bathrobes between takes, helping them with a firm hand (insert rude comment here) when they're getting on/off the bike, wiping the sweat off their backs (those lights get hot) wiping down the fingerprints from the chrome...or any other kind of...uhhhh...smudges that get on the bike.

The photographer often does spec shoots, where a bike owner brings his bike to his studio for some professional photography. Often, if you want, he will provide the model and submit the shoot to one of the major bike rags for approval. His success rate is pretty impressive, too. You can also bring your own camera and bring back some behind-the-scenes shots for yourself!

It usually takes about an hour for the professional makeup artist to make things just right. During that time we get the studio set-up and the lights working right, and get the bike in place. From looking at the final product you wouldn't realize the effort that goes into this shit. The wires all over the floor, the reflectors you have to snake your way around and the half-naked ladies of course....makes it VERY tough to get around ya know! (I was gonna say very HARD to get around...but I know you perverts would just make a joke about that - HEY! this is a professional shoot going on here! hehehehe)

With the girls ready and the studio set up, he takes a couple Poloroids for exposure checking...often the voyeurs du jour gets one of those. The sound system is fired up with music that sets the this case some pulsating Celtic music, cause we're doing a Zena Warrior Princess-type shoot today. The ladies are in their leather and studded costumes, bits and pieces of them are stuffed back into place and the shoot begins.

In between the real camera-shots, I abandon the light boom long enough to get you some of these shots. Melissa and Dana play along with the wannabe cameraman and hold their poses. My intent on some of these are to show the surroundings as well. It is interesting to see what goes into these sessions. We generally break every 30 minutes or so to change the position of the bike. In the magazine shoots, we have to have several angles, but the full-screen backdrop and lighting is setup for one angle, so it's the bike that has to move. In today's shoot, for the poster - only the show-side of the bike is needed so we breeze through the costume changes with the bike in one position.

Lunch time comes and goes. One of the visitors goes out to get lunch at the local deli...likely relieved to get out of there and rest his eyelids a bit - ya don't want to miss much when its all going on! Here you see Melissa and Dana chowing down on sandwiches...I think they both ate a total of three bites...trying to keep their delicate figures ya know....

After Lunch we start again, with tops, without tops, with bottoms, without bottoms....a lot of work, but ya know...somebody's gotta do it, huh? There's a lot of directing and pose changing and goofing off. He is great at getting just the right look out of his models. Of course with these two they already know how to look good!

In-between shots there's a lot of checking the poloroids and lighting and poses. Without the poloroids, you're guessing at the exposures and won't know for sure til you develop the prints. We even scan one of the poloroids and render it onto the poster layout he's considering. The girls come in and give their comments on the shots and costumes.

By the end of the day, we got many, many rolls of film to develop and choose the one shot that best fits the Warrior Poster he's looking for. It's been a long but fun day and everybody had a blast. The girls get dressed, (why do they close the door when they do that after walking around near naked all day?) and we clean up the studio. From here, the design of the poster is developed, prints made and each of the girls get a pile of 'em to sell while dancing around the country.

Dana Leigh Melissa Wolf Dana & Melissa


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