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Denver, CO
Steamboat Springs
Dinosaur Nat. Mon.
Flaming Gorge NRA
Green River Valley
Jackson Hole, WY
Grand Teton Nat. Pk.
Yellowstone Nat. Pk.
Beartooth Mountains
Red Lodge, MT
Bighorn Mountains
Powder River Valley
Devils Tower Nat Mon
Sturgis '00 Bike Rally
Mt. Rushmore, S.D.
Wind Cave Park
Crazy Horse Nat. Mon.
Black Hills, S.D.
Badlands, NRA
Wyoming Ranch BBQ
Denver, CO
12 Nights, 2500 miles

In every motorcycle rider, there comes a time when it is clear that it is time to make the trip to Mecca. There are three major Harley Rally's in the United States that all bikers need to get to before they pass on to the big weenie-bite in the sky (If I have to explain that one - you really wouldn't understand). Least known of the three, Laconia, New Hampshire, is known for its raw hard-core partying in mid-summer. Most widely known of the three, Daytona Beach, Florida starts off the riding season in spring, with northern riders coming in in full winter clothes. But perhaps not as widely known among non-riders, Sturgis, S.D. is clearly the pinnacle of the Rally experience.

Often out of range for the typical east coast rider, when you've had enough seasons under your belt, the urge to pack up the sleeping bag and hit the long road trip is a powerful attraction. Keep an eye out for the weekend biker, trailering his or her bike to a neighboring town, unloading in the darkness of the night, and riding into town on a shiny clean scooter....its getting so bad many are beginning to call these rally's "Trailer Week". However, it IS an awful long way away. A lot of folks have taken to making the trip one way - either shipping or trailering the bike one way and riding the other.

This is the avenue I plan to take ... shipping my 1999 FLHTCUI Ultra Classic to Denver and starting a 2500 mile loop trip through the Rocky Mountains, through the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, into Montana, the Beartooth Mountains, the BigHorn Mountains, Devils Tower, Sturgis, the Black Hills of South Dakota and back to Denver in 14 days. Six States, all of which are thankfully helmetless!

My wife, at this point, plans to join me in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for the ride through Yellowstone, over the Beartooth Mountains and over to Sturgis. She'll fly back home from Rapid City, SD as I head south to complete my trip to Denver.

Yeah, OK, so I'm not riding the bike the whole way - I DO have a business to run ... and instead of hauling-ass on the Interstate eating bugs, and putting miles on the bike, my ass and my attitude, I choose to putt-along on the back roads at a leisurely pace and enjoy the ride. You got any PROBLEMS with that?

Of the 2500 miles, I estimate my route will involve only 150 miles of Interstate. I've included several detailed maps of the proposed route, and you can check out the proposed plan on each day's write-ups in the trip area. Once the trip begins, I will delete these files and cover the trip as it actually happens, with progress maps and pictures from that days trip uploaded the same day for your enjoyment.

muh' thuh
adj. 1. Bigger than in
"He's a big muthuh"
n. 2. Road Captain for the Barbarian's Riding Club ... as in
"He's a real big muthuh"