Vision Quest 1999
1 Night, 400 miles

Muthuh's Tipi For many thousands of years, Native American Indians and many other cultures undertook a ceremony of cleansing and contemplation called, among other things, Vision Quest. These adventures took place on a high ground, with solemnity and purpose. Generally a solitary adventure, one found a mountaintop or other spiritual place to seek their vision. There are several such places in North Carolina that are traditional places for ancient Vision Questing.

The route and destination of this trip will be held secret until it is near the end of the trip. The journals will accurately tell of the adventures of this ride, but it is Muthuh's wish not to be disturbed while on this one. Spending the night at this location is a violation of Federal Law, and we don't want Muthuh's last journal to be from the county jail waiting for the Marshall's do we?

The evening of this trip is not only Full Moon, but also Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. Long disintegrated, Muthuh's Tipi was used for many camping trips in the NC mountains. The only thing left of it are some of the tipi poles, used for tarp poles now.

Solo motorcycle camping has always been a favorite adventure, and at least once a year I try to take one at least one night long, often a couple nights in the Mountains of Virginia or North Carolina. The last time I visited this particular place was on December 23rd, a few years ago, and I was one of only two campers in the whole place. Its a free ride for you and the first Muthuh's Ride in this new revised format. A combination introductory trip for new viewers and an introduction to Muthuh and where his head is at. (Hey, I grew up in the 60's, so I can still say that!)

The trip involves some riding in the mountains ending up at an undisclosed location. After camp is set up and dinner made, I will set out for the summit of a nearby peak and follow a tradition sent down from eons of Native American lore. It may not be your cup of tea, but I find it relaxing. In any case - it's free - just enjoy the ride.


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DAY 01 - Uploaded 12/22/99 Durham, NC Hanging Rock S.P. Full Moon and Winter Solstice Tonight!
DAY 02 - Uploaded 12/23/99 Hanging Rock S.P. Durham, NC Pilot Mountain S.P.